Little Earth acts like an oasis in the midst of a concrete jungle as it relieves your senses of all the cons of city life. It is created with the principles of efficient design that clear the path for nature to take the spotlight.

While paying homage to a more traditional, community-centric living, Little Earth is fitted with all the necessities of a life of convenience, thus ensuring that you have the best of both worlds.


The streets have been designed with two distinct characteristics in mind:  a central 12 m. spine with no villas to obstruct the view and shaded walkways on either side of the asphalt driveway. The landscape is a beautiful mix of fruit-bearing and shady trees. Tropical evergreens like the Saptaparni, the Indian Coral Tree and the Gulmohar ensure green views all year round and punctuate the scenery with alluring blooms.

Vaastu Conscious Design

Little Earth’s design draws inspiration from the ancient practice of Vaastu Shastra (the science of architecture) that encompasses the layout, ground preparation, and spatial geometry among other factors. The site slopes down to the N-E, which is a preferred alignment for positive energy, and has been maintained as a feature with a stepped terrain. This terrain lends itself to a more practical purpose as it facilitates cross-ventilation. The N-E corner, also the water quadrant, has water bodies and percolation pits, which augment the  benefits of Vaastu. The master plan lays out villa plot configurations that maximise on E-W orientation, making it auspicious as per Vaastu principles.

Open-Space Design

The plots have been designed to ensure as much open space as possible. The easily accessible open area at the entrance has in mind an active lifestyle. This can be divided into two zones: sports and recreation. The former includes assigned spaces like the cemented cricket pitch, the murram-finished half basketball court and the volleyball multi-court. The recreation area has plenty of space for a brisk walk and impromptu neighbourhood games, accentuated with sloped mounds and sand pits. These areas essentially encourage residents, especially children, to spend more time outdoors.


The appeal of Little Earth is that it provides what very few projects do; a view of the countryside for starved urbanites that bring back memories of simpler and greener times. The landscape of Little Earth is one of its most paramount features. It is inspired by vernacular gardens with a fluid softscape that are peppered with natural cut rocks and flowing pathways along the edges. The scene is straight out of a picturesque countryside where each element personifies rustic luxury.

The Clubhouse Life

While Little Earth has made sure that your home has everything you could possibly need, sometimes, a change of scenery is refreshing. Enter the clubhouse. It acts as the locus of community life at Little Earth and for such an important structure, no stone has been left unturned. The spot used to house a brick-building factory earlier and as a tribute, the 3-storey clubhouse now features a brick façade that mimics its predecessor’s strong vernacular character. It is the perfect place to relax and spend a few minutes enjoying the breathtaking view, whether alone or in the company of your friends.

Event Venues

Situated in such close proximity to large-scale corporations and industrial developments, the clubhouse is designed to handle a variety of events. It is equipped with a 50-seater party hall that opens into an outdoor pool and a luscious garden.

Indoor Play Areas

The first floor of the club acts as a large indoor play area that is spacious enough for a pool table, a round of table tennis, and hosting board games.

Multimedia Library

The second floor houses a quaint library that can accommodate up to 15 people with dedicated reading desks crafted in natural timber. Adjacent to the library, is a home theatre set-up that lends itself to formal presentations as well as impromptu movie screenings.

Guest House

The top floor of the club is composed of 4 guest bedrooms that are ideal for out-of-town guests of residents. The relaxing stay is complemented by a terrace laid out with a semi-covered organic café that includes a  pantry and wash area.

Outdoor Spaces

Natural stone, sloped and triangular mounds, reflexology pathways, sand beds, stepping stones, rain-water swales, and lush trellises are just some of the ways in which the design captures the earthy nature of the master plan. A stream has been constructed for flood prevention but even something as functional as this has been integrated into the design and given an aesthetic feel.

Zen Garden
Basketball Court
Children’s Park


Little Earth has matched its dedication to a natural environment with cutting edge industrial practices that are of high quality and require minimum maintenance. The area is outfitted with the best of amenities to ensure that your joy of country-esque living is undisturbed.

Ready Connections

Each plot is provided with an efficient water, electrical, sewage, and communication connection so the villa is ready to move in upon completion.

Water Supply

A centralised underground reservoir and an elevated reservoir ensure sufficient storage of water for 48 hours for the entire community. The water supply is supported by a gravity system that takes advantage of the site’s slope.

Sewage Treatment Plant

The underground sewage system is connected to a centralised sewage treatment plant. The water is treated in these plants and recycled to maintain the vast landscape.

Rainwater Harvesting

As per BWSSB regulations, rain water is collected in dedicated rain-water chambers and taken to recharge pits along the nala.


Ample electrical loads of 6 KW for up to 1200 sq.ft., 8 KW for up to 2400 sq.ft., and 10 KW for above 2400 sq.ft. (up to 4000 sq.ft.) are provided.

Solar Street Lighting

The entire property is equipped with solar street light poles with LED fixtures.


All the plots are fitted with a fibre-to-home system along with an intercom.

Security Systems

The compound is secured with CCTV cameras at the entrance, a perimeter boundary, and a boom barrier gate.

Steer-Edge Gutter
Inlet Chamber
Storm Water Pipe
Sewage Pipe
Communication Lines
Water Supply


FROM 1200 – 4000sqft

Starting at 33 lakhs