About Us

Little Earth, a venture of the Shivnath group of Raipur, was conceptualised with a mission to increase the happiness quotient of people’s lives with state-of-the- art design and amenities that are ahead of the times.

Spanning two decades, Shivnath group has diversi ed business interests ranging from education, automobile dealerships, farm equipments, petroleum products and real estate. They’ve maintained steady growth with more than 30 retail points across multiple locations and a manpower base of over 500 people.

The group’s resume has 11 completed projects that total 4 lakh square-feet in diverse categories such as high-end of ce space, high-quality homes, state-of- the-art warehousing and industrial developments. Our success in delivering consistent value to our customers can be attributed to state-of-the-art designs, attention to detail and robust implementation systems.

Countryside is currently developing 8 lakh square-
feet of prime real estate spread across Bangalore and Uttarakhand. This is possible because of a robust network of partnerships in nance, management, construction, supply base and distribution. Over the past 5 years, we’ve maintained sustainable growth and will be driving medium-term expansion plans with a high focus on strengthening nances and management processes along with responsible growth.

Directed by our strong sense of responsibility, we contribute to society through various initiatives. Afforestation, education, health and employment generation are some of the measures that help us contribute to a better future.

The Team


Trained personnel working towards making your dreams a reality.